A walk round Surry Hills, Sydney

In January I went on a great 3 week trip to Australia. My first stop was Sydney. One day I took a wonder around the Surry Hills neighbourhood, and it reminded me of Shoreditch, where I live in London! First I walked amongst the street cafes on Crown Street. I had a lovely lunch with my friend Julie at the Nepalese Kitchen, then a fresh carrot juice from the shop next to Messina, a very popular Gelato shop (also found in Melbourne, on Smith Street).

I then had a coffee at the uber cool . Spot the Shoreditch beards here...!! I'm told that in the morning the queue for a cup of their coffee is wrapped around the building and down the street. It was a great coffee I had - although I don't drink caffeine so I probably insulted them by asking for a decaf!

If you are wondering why there is the chalk mark of the dog on the pavement, well apparently a dog used to lie there for years and everyone in the neighbourhood knew him, he was a local legend. Then one day he died so a clever person drew an outline of him and where he used to be everyday. His legend lives on...

Sydney_Harbour Bridge_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney_Circular Quay_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

My fellow tourists!

Sydney_Museum of Contemporary Arts_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Museum of Contemporary Art

Architecture around The Rocks in Sydney Australia,  by Jemma Watts Photography

Buildings around The Rocks

Crown Street in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia

Can you spot the name connection?!

Street cafes in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia, by Jemma Watts Photography

Lunchtime restaurants along Crown Street

Crown Street cafes, Surry Hills, Sydney Australia, Jemma Watts Photography

Cafes on Crown Street

In Memory of a local dog on Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia, Jemma Watts Photography

In memory of a local dog who used to lie here, on this spot, everyday.

Street art, Crown Street, Surry Hills Sydney Australia, Jemma Watts Photography


Sydney_Crown Street_architecture_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Crown Street_Messina menu_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Juice bar on Crown Street

Sydney_Messina Gelati_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Messina Gelati on Crown Street

Sydney_Crown Street_iron work_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Traditional wrought iron work on the houses

Sydney_Crown Street_cafe_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Absynthe Salon_sign_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

A popular local drinking establishment!

Sydney_Absynthe Salon_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Surrey Hills_shop_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Surrey Hills flowers_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Surrey Hills shop flowers_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Single Origin_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Single Origins Roasters, a cool little cafe with great coffee

Sydney_Single Origin_interiors_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Single Origin_coffee_Jemma Watts Photogaphy

Interesting art installation on the ceiling!

Sydney_Single Origin_coffee for sale_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Single Origin_sandwich_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Single Origin_exterior_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Single Origin_customers_Jemma Watts Photogaphy


Sydney_Single Origin_barristas_Jemma Watts Photogaphy