Sombreros in Surrey - a springtime wedding at Loseley Park

It's not often you come across men sporting sombreros in Surrey, but in May 2013 the gardens of Loseley Park were full of them, in honour of a couple who hold Mexico dear to their hearts.... Gerry and Anya first met when Anya took up a post for an international company in Mexico.  Fast forward and they're tying the knot, twice - one wedding bringing England to Mexico and the second, bringing Mexico to Surrey!

Anya set her heart on the former Nonsuch Palace of Henry VIII, Loseley Park - built in 1562, still home to the More-Molyneux family and famed for its beautiful gardens - as the venue for their Anglo-Mexican union.  And what an inspired choice, with this Elizabethan Palace as the backdrop and ancient Surrey parkland surrounding them.  Despite the flowers being late in arriving last May due to the harsh winter weather, we found a perfect corner of the garden in full technicolour bloom for some photos of the happy couple.

Paying homage to his homeland, Gerry was in a traditional charro suit which he had made especially, wearing it with flair and panache and setting the tone for the Mexican-themed day - coupled of course with his trusty sombrero! Many of the guests entered into the spirit also sporting sombreros, which added even more colour to the day - and provided a good talking point too!

After the ceremony and meal, the festivities really kicked off with the arrival of a traditional Mexican Mariachi band.  Gerry and other members of his family got up and joined in the singing, much to the delight of the wedding party, but the highlight was when he sang a love song to his bride...such a romantic gesture and the fact that it was in Spanish only added to the charm - me not understanding it was irrelevant!

There were so many lovely touches to the day, with the Mexican theme and colours appearing in various different visuals...and edible forms. The cake was an artful and quirky invention involving layers of cupcakes, each decorated with either a sombrero, a red rose or a cactus, with the bride and (Mexican charro wearing) groom on top! So clever and totally eye-catching.

The celebrations continued apace, with more singing and dancing through the night - a true celebration of the two cultures joining together.  It was brilliant to be a part of, and you could really feel el amor in the air......

Detail shot of Loseley Park signage on wall

Exterior shot of the front of Loseley Park

Bride holding bouquet of red roses and smiling

Black and white shot of bride and groom sitting in chairs during the ceremony

Bride looking at groom and smiling during ceremony

Shot of guests at ceremony from behind, with blue and white sombrero on mans back

Wedding ceremony in the gardens with bride and groom standing in front of celebrant and guests seated behind

Groom and bride outside with guests, groom holding sombrero

Bride and groom holding hands smiling and walking across the lawn

Portrait shot of little boy smiling wearing a black and gold sombrero

Detail shot of groom's jacket cuff and traditional silver buttons

Groom smiling wearing traditional charro suit in venue

Bride and groom smiling in doorway of venue holding champagne glasses and bouquet

Bride and groom holding hands walking through the formal gardens of Loseley Park

Groom kissing bride in flower garden with sombrero shielding her face

Bride with bouquet holding grooms hand standing in flower garden

Black and white shot of bride and groom in formal gardens laughing and holding hands

wedding cake with mexican groom and bride on top and colourful cupcakes decorated with sombreros, cactae and roses on stand underneath

Side by side shots of the wedding cake topping with Mexican groom and bride, and cupcakes decorated with sombreros, roses and cactae on cake stand

Table name 'Mexico' with flag image, next to floral table decoration in red, white and green

Groom singing song to bride, accompanied by Mexican man playing the trumpet

Three members of the Mexican band playing guitars in traditional costume

Mexican band in traditional costume playing guitars and trumpet at the reception


Side by side shots of bride listening to groom and smiling, and groom singing

Black and white shot of bride and groom dancing looking into each others' eyes