A trip to the Ideal Home Show 2011

I had a lovely morning today at the Ideal Home Show. I popped down there with my good friend Pippa from Pippa Jameson Interiors, as she very kindly asked me to join her at the press morning. Obviously this is not a 'wedding' topic but I wanted to share this with you.

After a cup of coffee and a croissant, we were taken over to an area where three buildings had been set up or actually built. Two of the buildings were replicas from the set of TV program Coronation Street: The Rovers Return pub and Ken and Deirdre Barlow's home! Now, I don't watch Coronation Street but my Granny used to so it holds some very fond childhood memories, and I was a bit star struck when I met Ken Barlow!

A second house had been built, yes built, inside the exhibition hall - in 4 days! This was the 'Prince's House', funded and built by The Prince's Foundation. This house is HRH The Prince of Wales's answer to eco-living - a traditionally built low carbon home made from natural materials. It was a stunning home and the interior styling was breathtakingly beautiful. I want my home to look like this.

I also visited a company called 3M's stand, who were exhibiting their damage-free hanging solutions. Their picture hanging strips mean that you don't have to bang nails into your walls, they simply act like velcro and pull off the wall, without damaging the paint. It is an ingenious solution to hanging pictures without making a mess of your walls. I found this particulary exciting because I am having a stand at The In Wedding Show in April and I have been told that I can't bang nails into the walls to hang my pictures. As my pictures are what I'm all about, I was getting rather anxious as to how I would show them off. Now I have the perfect solution!

And finally...